Antriksh Diamond Towers

Diamond Multi State CGHS is taking the cooperative housing society by storm due to the launch of their latest project known as Antriksh Diamond Towers. The location of the project is Delhi Dwarka City helps the project to reach the socioeconomic classes of people living in Delhi and Haryana. As the location of the project is in those places, people living there can now surely fulfill their dream of getting a heavenly abode for their families. The project has also received certification and the required permission under The Diamond Multi State CGHS act 2002 and bears the registration number MSCS/CR/1082/2014. With the help of this ingenious project, the Antriksh group has made one secure podium for the economically weak customers looking for a decent house. Land pooling policy scheme is also another groundbreaking concept introduced with this project as people investing in this project are guaranteed certain lump sum money as a return on the amount they have invested. The project is thus one of the most the most lucrative options for economically impoverished people, and their hopes of owning a decent place to live in the capital are attached to this project.

Implications of State level CGHS-

  • This option is one of the safest and right schemes available in the market. The customer is expected to pay the amount after they have received their housing. One does not need to pay anything beforehand or pay any excess amount for ownership.
  • The project procures lands from peasants, agriculturalist, and landlords who have all the required documents of the area. This ensures that the deed is authentic and genuine and the buyer does not face any legal problems in the future.
  • Master Plan 2021 and land pooling policy have been kept in mind when drawing the detailed plan.

  • The Multistate CGHS has got entrusted with the making of roads, its division, construction of inner roads and the overall infrastructural development. The tenants can avail of services like drinking water, better security, rain water harvesting and all day electricity which are essential to make the living experience pleasant.
  • The roads would be made according to the layout plan and sector plan which have been officially sanctioned by Delhi authority member, and this option is not available for others as others have to get the approval of their plans through Delhi Development Authority.
  • As this group has promised to build parks and roads, they have received the approval from Delhi Development Authority.
  • The customers who can afford a bigger and better place can opt for spaces and blocks with EWS and LIG units for better accommodation and space management.
  • The project is considered one of the most significant and futuristic projects along with consistent service and excellent brand image.
  • Diamond
    Multi States CGHS

    Flat Type Built - up Area Total Cost of Appartment
    (Land Cost + Construction Cost*)
    Total Land Cost Registration Amount Amount to be paid
    within 7 Days After Draw
    Amount to be paid
    within 60 Days After Draw
    Amount to be paid On LTC
    in Sq. Ft. in Sq. M.
    SUITS 320 29.7 12,16,000 5,76,000 51,000 1,44,180 1,95,840 1,90,080
    1 BHK 460 42.7 17,48,000 8,28,000 51,000 2,27,340 2,81,520 2,73,240
    2 BHK (2 TOILET) 690 64.1 26,22,000 12,42,000 51,000 3,63,960 4,22,280 4,09,860
    2 BHK (2 TOILET) 820 76.2 31,16,000 14,76,000 51,000 4,41,180 5,01,840 4,87,080
    3 BHK (2 TOILET) 1150 106.9 43,70,000 20,70,000 51,000 6,37,200 7,03,800 6,83,100
    3 BHK (3 TOILET) 1400 130.1 53,20,000 25,20,000 51,000 7,85,700 8,56,800 8,31,600
    3 BHK (SERVANT QUARTER) 1650 153.3 62,70,000 29,70,000 51,000 9,34,200 10,09,800 9,80,100
    4 BHK (SERVANT QUARTER) 2150 199.8 81,70,000 38,70,000 51,000 12,31,200 13,15,800 12,77,100
    Diamond Towers